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Tank & Treatment Plant Installations

Are you in need of a professional company that offers septic tank and sewage treatment plant installations? If so, we are the team for you. Our expert team can install treatment plants for residential, commercial, and agricultural clients. Therefore, no matter where you need it, we have something that is best suited to you. Additionally, we always work in a respectful and health and safety cautious manner, as our customers are our utmost priority with every project.

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Types Of Sewage Treatment Plants

Our experienced and fully qualified team can install a wide range of sewage treatment plants. We offer varied options, so no matter what type of property you have or what your requirements are, we have something to benefit everyone. Options include:

Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

SRBs are suitable for both domestic and commercial wastewater treatment. These systems process wastewater from equalisation, aeration and clarification in one single batch reactor.

Activated Sludge Process Wastewater Treatment (ASP)

The activated sludge process (ASP) works by breaking down solids via aeration and biological processes. Due to their design, these treatment plants have longer emptying intervals.

Trickle Filter

Trickle filters separate solids from wastewater. They use an aerobic treatment system combined with suspended filter media to remove organic waste.  

Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF)

Submerged aerated filters are low maintenance and process waste by blowing air into the wastewater to mix, oxidise and breakdown foul waste. 

Ongoing Support

Once we have installed your new sewage system, we can fully support you with the emptying and maintenance aspect. We can provide impartial and expert advice, supplying all tank types, treatment plants, and more!

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